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  1. In 2022 host B32 artspace onder de titel SWAP(s) noun een serie tentoonstellingen samengesteld door Karin Peulen.

  2. SWAP(s) noun#2: Placeholder

    Simon Davies

    05.06–26.06 2022


    Placeholder is the second exhibition in the series SWAP(s) noun#. For this exhibition, Karin Peulen invited graphic designer Simon Davies.
    "Being a graphic designer means that I help deliver random messages from one group of people to the other. I hardly ever know who these people are, what they think or how they understand the things I have designed (especially the people on the receiving end). Every now and again, like an overzealous postman, I furtively manage to embed my own images and messages in these communications.

    This exhibition brings together a selection of such images and messages all of which attempt to, in some way, lay bare the unstable relationship between form, content and meaning. 

    Placeholder is a precarious experiment the starting point of which was the question: what remains of applied art when liberated from the responsibility of application; what happens to the products of graphic design (products which pervade almost every aspect of our daily existence) when they escape the instrumentalisation of conventional commercial communication?" 
    Simon Davies (Mexborough, United Kingdom, 1969) is a graphic designer most notably associated with the following organisations and individuals: 010 Publishers, Ronald Cornelissen, Crimson Historians and Urbanists, Wendela van Dijk, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Krijn de Koning, Jan Konings, Helga Lasschuijt, Lauran Schijvens, Jan van Toorn, VenhoevenCS Architects and Urbanists, and Camiel van Winkel. He moved to the Netherlands in 1991 and eventually set up his own design practice in 1995. Since then he has designed books, exhibitions, publicity materials, printed matter and websites for many individuals and organisations, nationally and internationally. 
    Simon has taught part-time in art and design academies since his own graduation from the Jan van Eyck Academy in 1995 and is currently lecturer in the department of Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He was a member of the design advisory committee of the Creative Industries Fund (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industie), of the Rotterdam council for art and culture (RRKC), of the selection committee of the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) and the Rotterdam Art foundation (RKS).


    Opening zondag 5 juni, 15:00–18:00u

    Tentoonstelling za–zo, 13:00–17:00u

  3. SWAP(s) noun#3 

    Mike Feijen, Mike Moonen, Sebastián González de Gortari

    03.07–24.07 2022

  4. SWAP(s) noun#4 

    Emily Hutchings, Nele Plessers, Lizzie Veldkamp

    28.08–18.09 2022