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  1. In 2022 host B32 artspace onder de titel SWAP(s) noun een serie tentoonstellingen samengesteld door Karin Peulen.

  2. SWAP(s) noun#4: I've been thinking,

    Emily Hutchings, Nele Plessers, Lizzie Veldkamp, Jules Coumans

    28.08–02.10 2022


    I've been thinking, wordt door de kunstenaars opgevat als een werkperiode waarin er een voortdurend veranderende presentatie is te zien:

    "The exhibition space as a studio, a place of residency; what and how it will proceed is still unclear. Even the immediate residents of the Mariabastion district might become part of the exhibition, if they feel drawn to the invite to participate. Or will they only visit, as if they were a tourist in their own street? Either way, the idea of ​​a trading-based souvenir shop creates a possibility for involvement of visitors, for something that keeps developing onwards. With additional events such as a poetry reading, a possible symposium or a guided tour, SWAP#4 will keep being on the move in the following few weeks."


    • Op zaterdag 1 oktober ben je vanaf 15:00u–19:00u  van harte welkom op de finnisage!